What does commodity expertise really mean?

Cripps Sears’ most recent addition to the team Murray Fox explains  During my time recruiting into the commodities trading and marketing space, I would often meet candidates and clients who had a tale of woe when dealing with supposed ‘specialist’ head hunters.

There has been a lot of press coverage during the economic downturn of the commodity super cycle. It has been no surprise that a lot of recruitment companies have attempted to break into the market where their own sectors have struggled. Unfortunately all this achieved was a number of over aggressive firms selling their wares under a commodity specialist banner without having the track record or market knowledge to back this up.

I joined Cripps Sears to further develop their commodity markets capability. In doing so, I have joined a company with a well established name and a long track record in energy and natural resources. It is immediately clear that 38 years experience helping  global oil and gas companies develop their business in some of the world’s most remote regions results in Cripps Sears & Partners truly understanding the physical market and what it means to offer an executive search service. A natural extension of the business has been developed over the years into the mid and downstream sectors, this has focused on hiring within the trading and marketing teams of key clients and helping then to manage their risk, indeed this has become a key contributor to the success of the business. The company has a refreshing level of honesty that clients appreciate. Integrity and teamwork also stand high among the company values, which is immediately obvious as you walk through the doors.

My own historical commodity coverage has covered both physical and financial trading across most of the commodity markets. We will be developing the front office capability further and continuing to build on the tremendous experience the company already has.  It is a great sign that the company continues to grow and reverse the sector trend of tumbling returns and downsizing. Exciting times lie ahead and I’m genuinely thrilled to be part of the team.