Strategic Leadership Advisory

We offer Strategic Leadership Advisory services including personal counsel, executive coaching, psychometric profiling and assessment, market analysis, organisational development, executive and team development and remuneration. We create value for clients by combining experience and creativity, to always go above and beyond.


We bring powerful, data led insight to strengthen selection decisions for succession planning, senior leadership roles, team optimisation and M&A situations. 
These are generated from an approach of rigorous competency-based interview techniques which can be supported by psychometric testing and psychologist led Executive Profiling and Assessment.

Our team of specialist Consultants work with our Business Psychologist, Sarah Sweetman to provide a complete picture of candidate and employee business and functional expertise, marketplace and industry knowledge, leadership abilities, character and motivation, cultural fit and their likely potential to grow and change with the job. 

Our psychometric profiles and assessments create a more vivid and reliable picture of how external candidates and members of your executive teams are likely to behave in different circumstances and settings, make decisions and deliver in role.  The profile will also identify an individual’s unique trip wires which could have implications for long-term success in the context of the organisation, its culture and market dynamic.

Possible implications don’t necessary mean inevitable problems; we will advise on how to mitigate any risk and optimise an individual’s contribution to and talent potential for your business.

More specifically, our assessment services can be used to: 

  • De-risk critical appointment decision making
  • Appraise Leadership Potential and Readiness
  • Assist with Succession Planning and the identification of ‘Future Performers’
  • Contrast Internal vs. External Benchmarks
  • Contribute to pre-acquisition due diligence and post acquisition restructuring decisions
  • Support and inform executive coaching, including accelerated starts post-placement
  • Diagnose team dynamics and act as a foundation for team development interventions.




Executive pay is under a perpetual spotlight – scrutinised by shareholders, regulators, politicians, the media, employees, customers and suppliers

It is imperative that organisations get this right to ensure public trust and establish a functional compensation strategy that leads from the top. 

Within Cripps Sears’ advisory services, we provide intelligence reports and compensation and benefits analyses. 

We clarify remuneration expectations across industries and markets to help clients remain competitive and assist during new market entries. 

We will help you build executive pay frameworks that align with current and future business strategies. 



In today’s complex business environment, organisations and teams need to ensure that they’re staying ahead of the curve – and ahead of the competition.

Often companies find it challenging to reinvent themselves and are unable to realise their full potential because of existing team and organisational structures. Often their ways of working limit their ability to accelerate performance and outperform in this bold new world of business. 

The root cause is often an organisation’s inability to create internal alignment between their structure, their people and their strategy. True change is about people. It requires all employees to understand what a new strategy means for them and be willing to modify habits and behaviours to deliver it. 

Cripps Sears assist businesses to navigate this change, ensuring that employees are bought into the process, and are central, to this evolution.

Organisational Structure



Regardless of the deal strategy or type, most mergers fail to deliver the anticipated value. This is often due to weak talent management practices, inattention to culture and organisational issues, and conflict among senior team members. 

Pre-merger, we partner with our clients to conduct all necessary due diligence, including management benchmarking and referencing, as well as to identify potential acquisition targets and/or cultural barriers that may need to be overcome. 

Following stage one, we will then advise on various acquisition strategies and define the capabilities required for critical roles in the merged company. This will provide accurate, objective assessments that help companies select, retain and integrate the right people for the business and forge a unified top team. 

M&A Due Diligence


Cripps Sears offers an expert and dedicated consulting team

We provide a range of advisory services and bespoke specialist studies to support our clients to make key decisions on human capital, organisational development and value creation. 

Our leadership experience and significant industry knowledge enable us to access a diverse range of perspectives and create a valuable resource for clients. We advise on optimal organisational design and the profile specifications of the individuals required for the organisation to function most effectively.

We also offer bespoke executive coaching and training to support the on-boarding of new appointments, leadership development and performance improvement.

Executive Counsel