SM E&P Networking Forum

Cripps Sears & Partners hosted the second SM E&P Networking Forum of the year in November 2012 – now one of our longest running events in the calendar! The meeting took the usual format with topics including ‘Investment and availabilty of capital’, ‘Shale Gas’ and ‘Macondo’ amongst others being discussed over lunch by a lively and knowledgeable group of highly experienced executives from (and advisors to) various small/medium-sized E&P companies.

An extract from the minutes: “There was a broad discussion around the impact and role of shale gas and in particular for Europe. The shale business is currently a capital intensive low margin resource play which in its present form works well in North America but does not in the short term fit in Europe, with perhaps one or two exceptions. Some 120 Billion $ have been invested…” read the full minutes here.

Cripps Sears & Partners is proud to host a number of Networking Forums throughout the year. These take the form of an informal, round-the-table, chaired discussion over lunch. A number of stimulating topics that encourage a lively debate are usually proposed by attendees beforehand. Our attendees – ranging from first-timers to ‘luncheon veterans’ – comprise senior executives and/or practitioners with a mutual interest and extensive knowledge in a particular industry or discipline.

For general enquiries regarding our Networking Forums, please email Laura: lgaze@crippssears.com