Resources, Logistics and the Challenging Environment

Cripps Sears & Partners advise the European Construction Institute on the future challenges for the European Construction IndustryMike Cripps, Managing Partner, and Mark Scollay, Partner, of Cripps Sears & Partners presentation at the ECI’s 19th Annual Conference marked the beginning of a new advisory role for CS&P in their relationship with the ECI.

The ECI are the European construction industry’s foremost learning network, providing good practice and knowledge resources through learning and sharing networks where members work together to improve the construction industry’s performance. In an age where construction is one of Europe’s largest industries, providing 11% of Europe’s GDP and employing 8 million people1, the ECI is a vital resource to ensure the engineering and construction industry is able to meet the challenges required to deliver world class projects.

The ECI consists of members across the broad spectrum of the construction industry; engineering consultancies, project management firms, legal firms, structural engineers, financial advisers, programme managers, institutional advisors, infrastructure owners, utility providers, training and development entities and IT led support services businesses. Representatives from all these respective members gathered in Venice for the 19th Annual conference, Resources, Logistics and the Challenging Environment, which focused on the future challenges for the European Construction Industry. Those in attendance included directors and senior managers, functional managers, project managers, policy makers, advisers, planners, suppliers and service providers to the construction industry, governments and local authorities as well as consultants and those from the allied industries.

The conference’s focus on the future looked to the challenges that major projects in the pipeline present to the European construction industry. In Germany this includes the US$7.25bn bridge linking Denmark and Germany, renovation of the country’s railway network and plans to build 6 turnkey Biomass-fuelled power plants. In France projects on the anvil include the US$13.16bn international thermonuclear experimental reactor, the US$12.83bn Lyons to Turin high-speed rail project, the US$4.3bn nuclear power plant in Flamanville and the US$4.15bn Seine-Nord Europe canal. Major infrastructure projects in Russia include the US$12-14bn development of Shtokman gas deposit, the US$11bn East Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline project, the US$10.5bn North European gas pipeline, the US$6.4bn Southern-European gas pipeline project, the US$6.34bn highway linking Moscow to St Petersburg and the US$6bn nuclear power station at Sosnovyi Bor. In the UK major infrastructure projects include the S$31.37bn Crossrail project, Heathrow Terminal 5’s US$8.23bn project, a US$4.53bn extension of Glasgow’s underground railway, the US$4bn decommissioning work at the Dounreay nuclear power station and the US$2.73bn expansion at Stanstead airport. For Poland challenges include the US$5.11bn Rail Baltica; the US$3.3-4bn fast-track line on the Warsaw-Wroclaw route, the US$400mn Sky Tower in Wroclaw and the US$255.49-319.37mn expansion project of Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport.

Mike Cripps and Mark Scollay were there to offer the Institute advice on management and leadership skills, a position their unique insight as an executive search consultants makes them well qualified for. In their presentation Getting the right people in place, Mike Cripps and Mark Scollay discussed the challenges of attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing key personnel, and the management and leadership skills required to do this. They looked at the challenges of recruiting senior roles across the International dimension required of the industry- a growing demand, especially with the increasing mobility of Eastern Europe. The recruitment of senior project managers is one of the greates challenges the construction industry currently faces. Strategic methods of recruiting for these roles considered include internal, external and merger/acquisition solutions. The presentation considered the issues surrounding mobility, and advised on the issue of dealing with the increased demand for international experience where needs exceed the available talent pool.

This need for sourcing and managing people is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry and looking to the future, Cripps Sears & Partners will be supporting ECI with the advice, contacts and knowledge they have of the industry from their unique standpoint. Cripps Sears’ involvement is not with the technical development of the industry but from a consultancy perspective. The firm’s integrated services in providing executive search solutions to clients in the energy, construction and professional services sectors enables the firm to offer ECI and its members a broad, expert perspective in the continuing effort to innovate and adapt.

About Cripps Sears & Partners:

Cripps Sears is a significant global executive search company with integrated specialist practice groups in the Energy, Construction, and Advisory sectors.

Michael Cripps

Educated in the UK, Michael Cripps read sciences and business studies. Mike developed an early career in industrial management before moving into recruitment.

Mike formed Cripps Sears whilst still in his 20’s and has since developed his international search career to focus primarily on the energy, energy finance and the financial / legal sectors. He is one of the world’s recognised headhunters in the energy sector. He is active globally but particularly in the EAME region and is supported by a specialist team.

Having recently recruited successfully for a number of positions at MD / Regional /Board Director level, Mike is also involved at the Senior Commercial Originator / Trader / Business Developer / Financial Specialist levels, as well as many Senior Technical positions.

Mark Scollay

Mark heads the Property and Construction Practice. He has fifteen years’ recruitment experience within the built environment sector, working with both UK and International clients. He has successfully recruited for Property Development and Investment firms, Construction firms, Property Consultancies and Corporate Real Estate departments. The construciton practice works closely with our legal and energy practices to provide a diverse and robust network amongst senior level contacts around the world.

Mark started his career in property recruitment with a FTSE 250 company after graduating from Nottingham University. Early in his career he successfully developed a new business in the emerging outsourcing/FM and PFI markets, leading him towards a client based increasingly focused on development and construction.