Promoting Gender Diversity in World Oil & Gas 2018

We are very pleased and proud to present and support the Promoting Gender Diversity in World Oil & Gas 2018 hosted by the Global Women Petroleum & Energy Club in London.

During the event we have heard a number of inspiring personal stories, perspectives on the topic, and discussed examples of what companies are doing to support and develop gender diversity.

Our particular takeaways are that there is, without a doubt, behaviours that still exist which are simply not acceptable. But equally there are some great and innovative ideas being shared to support women at all stages of their career, whether graduate, mid-career or executive leadership.

No matter what gender, first and foremost, excelling at your chosen role and career has to be the message if you want to develop personally and professionally. There was a lot of

emphasis on mentoring and internal sponsorship, professional coaching and development. All are relevant but to get to the top, without drive and ultimately being better than other options available,this won’t be achieved.

There are very talented women and we should recognise, develop and promote them and support others whose destiny or ambition may not be CEO but whose contribution is equally valuable.