Motivating staff in a time of change

“Leaders owe it to everybody who works for them not to keep them in the dark. What are you doing right? What can you do to improve? Give them purpose. Give them excitement.”

These are the words of former GE chairman and CEO Jack Welch, who was sharing his view on conducting business in a downturn at a recent global energy conference organized by consultants KPMG.

Not every senior executive shares Jack Welch’s management style, but the topic is a very apposite one for companies in the energy sector and related fields, and an area in which Cripps Sears & Partners provides a complete solution through its affiliate, Organizational Edge.

Organizational Edge (OE) is a leading international firm of business psychologists, headquartered in the UK. They provide tailored consultancy solutions, and have a particular focus on organisational and cultural change processes. Sarah Sweetman, co-founder of Organisational Edge, has worked with a range of FTSE 100 businesses to help them strengthen and grow by translating intellectual, strategic intent into vital skills, behaviours and attitudes.

“As well as the participation impact people receive from being involved, the symbolic power of the business being proactive and open in challenging times, sends a signal and sets a tone that the business is aware, responsive, and constructive. It lifts the positivity of the climate”, Sarah comments.

The affiliation between our businesses enables Cripps Sears to provide a range of talent and organisation assessment services such as:

·         Leadership Assessment Services in specific market/organisational conditions.

·         Succession Planning – Assessment of Future Performers

·         Internal vs External Benchmarking

·         Pre-Acquisition Due-Diligence

·         Executive Coaching

Cripps Sears believes strongly in the need for an independent view to provide validity and rigour in such projects. In addition, OE will provide Cripps Sears up-to-date, sophisticated assessment tools such as psychometrics.

We will be pleased to discuss any requirements you may have around this offering.