Introducing our new Pods

The international reach of Cripps Sears continues grow stronger as we welcome both Christopher Meredith (Perth office) and Peter-Paul Nijsten (based in Singapore).

Chris draws on a 28 year career history in executive research and recruitment, and will manage our search practice across Australia and New Zealand.  A highly regarded industrial generalist, Chris’s experience extends to recruiting for high profile global companies in such diverse territories as Australasia, Papua New Guinea and Africa.

With a reputation for his detailed and rigorous approach to search, and having focussed for the last decade on the resources sector, Chris’s knowledge and work ethic complements our London office extremely well and we look forward to working with him.

Peter-Paul Nijsten comes from an engineering management background, but has spent the last 10 years running executive searches across the engineering and energy sector for well-known MNC’s with a particular focus on seeking out specialists for engines, on-shore generators, operations, logistics, oil and gas.

His experience of working on both sides of the table enables Peter-Paul to have a level of practical understanding that supports both candidates and clients alike.  He aims to select managers not only based on their skill set, but also their personality, character, honesty and values, in order to decrease the hiring risks to the absolute minimum.

We are delighted to have enlisted Peter-Paul’s expertise and detailed knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region, and look forward to a long and productive alliance.

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