Infrastructure – Transport Networking Forum

Cripps Sears & Partners is proud to host a number of Networking Forums throughout the year. These take the form of an informal, round-the-table, chaired discussion over lunch. A number of stimulating topics that encourage a lively debate are usually proposed by attendees beforehand. Our attendees – ranging from first-timers to ‘luncheon veterans’ – comprise senior executives and/or practitioners with a mutual interest and extensive knowledge in a particular industry or discipline.

The inaugural “Infrastructure – Transport” Networking Forum was jointly hosted by Mark Scollay, Joe Dubbin, and Paul Templeton of Cripps Sears & Partners. Debates on topics including the high oil price’s impact on transportation and trends in the buying vs. selling of assets (to name just two) ensued; with the usual high calibre turnout, another successful forum was enjoyed and has been firmly added to the Cripps Sears calendar.

An extract from the minutes: “In response to understanding the performance of infrastructure assets, there was a general discussion around asset classification and how this definition was far from universal.  Some assets had performed better than others (roads vs airports vs ports) over the last three years, but no model had been defined to compare and contrast these.  For the operators amongst the group, the focus was simply on what the position of the business was that drove investment decisions.  For the private investors… Read the full minutes here.

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