HR (Aberdeen) Networking Forum

Building on the continued success of the long-running HR Networking Forum in London, CS&P launched an Aberdeen-based HR Networking Forum in May. Debates on topics including ‘Mergers and Harmonising Ts & Cs’ and ‘The impact of the Tax Grab’ (to name just two) ensued. The inaugural Spring HR (Aberdeen) Networking Forum was jointly hosted by Mike Cripps and Nicola Dennes of Cripps Sears & Partners at the Marcliffe Hotel in May.

With the high calibre turnout rivalling its long-running sister event in London, debates on topics including ‘Mergers and Harmonising Ts & Cs’ and ‘The impact of the Tax Grab’ ensued; another successful forum was enjoyed by all and has been firmly added to the Cripps Sears calendar.

An extract from the minutes: “There was a lot of experience in [mergers] around the table, which was shared with an attendee who was working on a large merger at the moment. Points noted were that, though from an HR perspective the pace of change is very fast, for employees it feels slow. Senior management tend to think the challenges are around financial issues but the biggest issues are in fact around softer issues…” Read the full minutes here.

Cripps Sears & Partners is proud to host a number of Networking Forums throughout the year. These take the form of an informal, round-the-table, chaired discussion over lunch. A number of stimulating topics that encourage a lively debate are usually proposed by attendees beforehand. Our attendees – ranging from first-timers to ‘luncheon veterans’ – comprise senior executives and/or practitioners with a mutual interest and extensive knowledge in a particular industry or discipline.

For general enquiries regarding our Networking Forums, please email us