Fancy at trip of a lifetime? Now’s your chance to take part…

After an incredible five years, our ABC (Action for Burns and Children) charitable project has developed into a strong and valued initiative for energetic, enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are up for a challenge. Its ultimate goal is to maximise support for badly burned and scalded children and to educate and raise awareness of the prevention of these injuries and the conditions that cause them.

Over 40 participants have taken part in the ABC Hike and Bike Challenge between 2011 and 2014 and the numbers continue to grow into our fifth year.

The challenge takes place in South Africa over five days along the famous and beautiful garden route that terminates in Cape Town. The challenge itself comprises an epic journey through coastal and inland sections, with various wildlife sightings and great hospitality throughout.

The trip is deliberately scheduled close to the Africa Oil Conference in Cape Town which attracts many delegates and contacts with an interest in Africa. In 2014 we had an ABC first: a number of colleagues from Woodside Petroleum formed the ‘The Phoenix Flyers’ and came all the way from Australia to take part  — and a fantastic addition they were to the trip.

Those with a predilection for a fun and rewarding experience in beautiful surroundings with fantastic guides and team-inspired culture will return fulfilled and thoroughly satisfied.

At the heart of the trip is the reason behind it. All the money donated to The Phoenix Burns Project is injected into an extensive array of initiatives, including an education fund which allows injured children to build a life for themselves after rehabilitation. A truly remarkable charity, supported by Cripps Sears” ABC, gives children the opportunity to showcase the significant work they carry out to the Hike and Bike participants each year.

At the end of the challenge, participants are invited to visit the Red Cross Children’s Memorial Hospital in Cape Town to meet and interact with the children they are raising money to support. This is a very rare and educational prospect that is not available to many other charity challenges.

The next challenge will take place from 31 October–8 November and promises to be yet another incredible and successful journey.

If you are interested in taking part of supporting the ABC initiative please contact Laura Gaze at lgaze@crippssears.com