Executive Search

Our legacy in Executive Search dates back to 1973. We know how to be successful in attracting quality talent and creating high functioning teams in diverse companies with a global presence.


As the pace of innovation quickens and societal attitudes, in particular relating to diversity and sustainability, are changing, it becomes increasingly challenging for companies to succeed. 

This is why we believe companies must have the right governance and executive teams in place to, not only react to, but shape, transformation.

Be it grasping operational efficiencies, strengthening cyber security or seeing untapped markets open through new technology, there’s a universal need to look ahead and take advantage of opportunity while managing complexity. 


Corporate purpose isn’t simply a nice to have, it’s expected as a matter of course. 

Via their boards and executive teams, companies need strong values, effective operational structures and effective succession planning. In short, they need to answer the question; what sort of company do we want to be now and in the future and who do we need to make that a reality?

This is where Cripps Sears can help. We are exceptional for our specialist focus, truly international reach and senior level contacts.

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