Energy Execs Networking Forum – Spring 2012

Cripps Sears & Partners is proud to host a number of Networking Forums throughout the year. These take the form of an informal, round-the-table, chaired discussion over lunch. A number of stimulating topics that encourage a lively debate are usually proposed by attendees beforehand. Our attendees – ranging from first-timers to ‘luncheon veterans’ – comprise senior executives and/or practitioners with a mutual interest and extensive knowledge in a particular industry or discipline.

Cripps Sears & Partners recently hosted the Spring “Energy Executives” Networking Forum with attendees commenting that the event was both useful and highly enjoyable – a balance we strive to maintain. The topics discussed included future LNG applications and security of supply amongst others.

An extract from the minutes: “Discussion opened with the observation that German energy policy was being made unilaterally by the government, often on a purely populist basis.  There was conflict between the proponents of all different types of electricity generation and the result is…” Read the full minutes.

For general enquiries regarding our Networking Forums, please email us.