Cripps Sears & Partners teams up with Carbon Offsets Ltd to offset carbon footprint

Cripps Sears & Partners, the international Executive Search firm operating in EnergyLegalProperty & ConstructionTMT and Banking & Finance sectors, has embraced the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint presented by the Basa Magogo project. In partnership with Carbon Offsets Ltd, Cripps Sears are now offsetting the entirety of their footprint through the KPMG verified project in South Africa.

In South Africa, in 1998, an intergovernmental task force was mandated with formulating and promoting policies for environmentally sound housing practices.  They reported that energy-consumption patterns in low-income households in South Africa have emerged as one of the most important factors influencing national electricity demand and the high levels of air pollution – mainly due to coal use – experienced in urban areas. “Air pollution is a killer. For every child that dies as a result of air pollution in Europe, 279 children die in South Africa.” (President of the International Solar Energy Society Prof Dieter Holm).

On behalf of the Department of Minerals and Energy’s Low Smoke Fuel initiative, the Basa Njenga Magogo project was launched in Gauteng and is located in eMbalenhle. The Basa Magogo project facilitates behaviour change in domestic coal users who use coal for domestic heating and cooking, to change from a conventional bottom-up ignition method to a cleaner and more efficient top-down ignition resulting in a more effective combustion process. The fire burns hotter, and particulates and other emissions are reduced by up to 50%.

Energy consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide are reduced by 25%, the basis of the Verified Emission Reductions used as offsets. The carbon dioxide benefits are calculated and the number of residences using the method carefully checked through independent verification. The amounts of CO2 saved are verified independently of the project and Carbon Offsets Ltd.

About Cripps Sears & Partners:

Cripps Sears is a significant global executive search company with integrated specialist practice groups in the Energy, Legal, Property & Construction, TMT and Banking & Finance sectors.

About Carbon Offsets Limited:

Carbon Offsets Ltd. was set up in 2006 to help people and businesses reduce their climate change impact through direct action to reduce their own emissions and offsetting those that they are not able to avoid.  Carbon Offsets Ltd supplies carbon offsets in an ethical, efficient and economic way.