Cripps Sears & Partners provide vital burn technology to South Africa burn hospital

Cripps Sears & Partners latest donation to helping children with burns injures comes in the form of a vital piece of skin transplant technology.  The company have bought the D80 dermatome for the Burns Centre at the Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa through their charitable fund, ABC.

The humeca* D80 dermatome is a vital piece of skin harvesting equipment for the burns centre, using the latest technology to produce skin grafts to treat burn injuries.  Until now the burn centre has been using technology dating back to 1965 which provided unreliable treatment- sometimes resulting in disastrous full thickness skin grafts, taking so much skin that treatment is required to stitch the area back on again.  Furthermore this old, cord-powered equipment increased the risk of infection to these high risk patients.  Complications like this are extremely upsetting for the patients, parents and staff involved and unnecessarily disheartening for the burns centre when newer, far more accurate technology exists.

Cripps Sears & Partners donation will buy the burn centre the large D80 model of dermatome.  This product provides surgeons with the latest technology in precision skin graft cutting.  Importantly, its cordless design makes the instrument mobile and easily manoeuvrable to offer the most precise results.  Operating on the MEEK technique, the features of this technology enable surgeons to take skin grafts from very small areas of skin and greatly expand them for treating the wound.  Its results provide fixed, precise and safe treatment with a better cosmetic result than other treatment methods.

The Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital is desperate to acquire this large dermatome alongside the small D42 donated by the Red Cross.  Due to sterilisation methods, with only one instrument the burn centre can only treat every third patient with the new technology.  However with Cripps Sears & Partners latest donation they hope that even more patients will benefit from this safer, more precise treatment.  Each year the Red Cross Memorial Hospital sees around 1000 children suffering from burn and scald injuries resulting from domestic accidents caused by crowded living conditions and unsafe appliances in the townships of the Cape Flats.  Cripps Sears & Partners ABC fund will ensure more of these children receive effective treatment for their injuries.

* The Humeca Engineering Group, based in Enschede, The Netherlands, provides medical experts with materials and equipment for optimum treatment of their patients and is a valued player in the field of burn care