Cripps Sears & Partners deliver vital burn technology to South African Children’s hospital

Chris Cripps and Megan Waters deliver the Humeca D80 Dermatome to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.


Professor Heinz Rode and staff receive the donation from Chris Cripps and Megan Waters

Through their charitable fund, ABC, Cripps Sears & Partners have purchased a new state of the art piece of skin transplant technology for the Burns Centre at the Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.

The Humeca D80 Dermatome was delivered to Heinz Rode, Professor Emeritus of Paediatric Surgery by Chris Cripps, son of Mike Cripps, Cripps Sears’ Managing Partner, and Carolyn Cripps, OBE, founder of the British Children’s Fire and Burn Trust and member of Phoenix Burns Project’s Advisory Board.

Professor Rode believes the new equipment will make a big difference to the work of the burns unit. The gift is a vital piece of skin harvesting equipment for the burns centre which uses the latest technology to produce skin grafts to treat burn injuries. It will provide the surgeons with greater precision in skin grafting procedures than their previous equipment, thus providing better cosmetic results for the patients and reducing the risk of traumatic complications and infection. Dr Peter Martinez, President of the Phoenix Burns Project in South Africa described the excited atmosphere at the hospital on receiving the gift and the surgical staff were said to be eagerly looking forward to using the equipment in theatre.

Each year the Red Cross Memorial Hospital sees around 1000 children suffering from burn and scald injuries resulting from domestic accidents caused by crowded living conditions and unsafe appliances in the townships of the Cape Flats. The latest donation from Cripps Sears & Partners’ ABC fund will ensure more of these children receive effective treatment for their injuries.