Cripps Sears & Partners aid the development of Burns Camps in Europe

Cripps Sears & Partners long standing commitment to the support of those affected by burns continues with their latest project.  Their charitable work in this area has focused on children coping with burns and through their efforts has seen real progress in this field, in particular the development of the Speransky Children’s Hospital No 9 into a centre of excellence for burns.

In their latest charitable venture Cripps Sears & Partners will be supporting the European Burn Association, focusing on the work of burns camps to provide a safe environment for burns victims to rehabilitate, share and take relief from the emotional stresses that come from their physical scars.

Burns Camps

Burns Camps provide specialist holidays for young people with severe burn injuries to go to meet friends, share experiences and at the same time try fun new activities.  The adventures they take part in can be physically challenging, from swimming to abseiling, as well as providing therapeutic group activities with psychological goals to improve self-esteem and body image.  This is provided within a secure environment organised by health care professionals who understand the children’s needs and are motivated to help the children feel good about themselves.  It is a chance for them to build confidence through play and interaction with others who share their scars.

Cripps Sears & Partners will be helping in two different ways; through both charitable relief and education.  The first part of their fund will sponsor five Bulgarian children and a leader to take part in an exchange to the Czech burn camp of Bolito.  Each of these children have been individually affected by burns, all suffering in the past year with burns to their lower limbs which have caused large scars, both physically and psychologically.  The funding from CS&P will provide these 5 children with a vital stage in their rehabilitation, sharing and meeting others with similar stories, together with the opportunity to experience new adventures.  However it will also make a crucial contribution to the growth of Burns Camps throughout Europe; participation by the group from Bulgaria will enable them to learn about the benefits of burns camps in the hope that they will be able to set up a camp programme of their own in the future.

The second part of Cripps Sears & Partners assistance will support the attendance of two committee members from the European Burn Association Burn Camp Committee at the 5th World Congress of the European Club for Paediatric Burns in Gdansk, Poland in October 2008.  The Committee members are able provide advice and support, working towards the European Burns Association’s goal of encouraging burn centres from European countries to be part of Burn Camp programmes.  The conference will be a chance to share their knowledge and expertise in taking part in international camps as well as how to go about setting up a national camp of their own.

Internationally responsible

With a truly international outlook, this latest donation by Cripps Sears & Partners demonstrates their commitment in reaching out to support those in need around the world.  It cements their association to those affected by burns and keeps responsibility to the international community at the core of their company values.

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