Cripps Sears continues to support the Phoenix Burns Project through ABC

Cripps Sears invites YOU to take part in our next Hike and Bike challenge in South Africa in November in aid of the Phoenix Burns Project.

For the last 3 years Cripps Sears has been organising a charitable challenge in the form of a 500 km Hike and Bike along the stunning garden route on South Africa’s cape coastline.

A 4th trip has already been lined up for this November (8th-16th) for anyone to take part in. The event is open to all and for a very worth cause. The Phoenix Burns Project works to reduce the long-term suffering of badly burned or scalded children in South Africa. The trip is a once in a life time opportunity that is both rewarding and challenging. 3 years of challenges have produced some wonderful adventures and stories providing a unique experience in a stunning and fun environment.

More about the Phoenix Burns Project

Every year, thousands of fires rage through the informal settlements in South Africa, robbing poor people of what few possessions they have and injuring them physically. Among the most unfortunate victims are young children who suffer terrible disfiguring burn wounds. Although their physical anguish may subside in time, their emotional anguish continues lifelong as they struggle to fit into a society that shuns them.

About 1000 children are treated in the Burns Unit of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital alone every year. In South Africa, burn-related injuries are the third-most common cause of death in children under 14, and in Cape Town, most burn injuries occur in little children between 1 and 2 years of age.

The Phoenix Burns Project serves burn survivors by helping to facilitate their physical and social rehabilitation, by advocacy on their behalf, and by raising awareness of the challenges they face.

Many young burn survivors are lost to follow-up treatment for a variety of reasons, and this compromises their recovery process. Phoenix supports the follow-up care of child burn survivors and their reintegration into normal life, a process that can take years, through close cooperation with the Burns Unit at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, where most serious paediatric burns in Western Cape are treated.

Social reintegration is vital, especially at school. Phoenix can help parents and schools to prepare for reintegration back into the classroom and playground, and facilitate events aimed at increasing the social confidence of the child burn survivor.

Through a number of initiatives Phoenix provides for the education, housing and medical care of burn survivors who are either orphaned or have no family support and make sure that any follow treatment is followed up.

In practice, not all children have a supportive home to return to. Sometimes it happens that the child is orphaned in a fire. It is important that the foster parent or institution understands the importance of regular medical follow-up. Given the strong linkage of poor socioeconomic circumstances with the incidence of burn injuries, it sometimes happens that certain children have no safe home environment to return to and they are made wards of the State.

For more information on taking part in this year’s challenge or other ways you can support please visit www.abc-challenge.com or contact abc-challenge@crippssears.com or lgaze@crippssears.com.