Ted Theodore joins Cripps Sears & Partners

2015 has been a challenging year but a successful one and we are delighted to welcome Ted Theodore as part of our continued international expansion. Based in Lagos, Ted will be heading our Lagos office and working closely with our practice leads in developing business in Sub Saharan Africa. Read more

Motivating staff in a time of change

“Leaders owe it to everybody who works for them not to keep them in the dark. What are you doing right? What can you do to improve? Give them purpose. Give them excitement.” Read more

Zinc market price-rise poses more questions than it answers

Did you know that there has been such a spike in zinc prices this year — up 13% — that a US 1 cent coin, which contains 97% of the metal, now costs 1.6 cents to produce? That’s according to the Wall Street Journal. Read more