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Which trends will alter the working world by 2020?

Tom Blower from Black Isle asks the question? As the fourth industrial revolution kicks into gear and technology moves at an ever-faster pace, societal advancements will affect the future of work in many different ways. Continuous developments in mobility, social media and cyber trends are impacting lifestyles and expectations in the workplace, requiring businesses to actively reflect […]

Gender Inequality: How To Say NO

Harriet Heneghan from Black Isle Group gives an interesting point on Gender Inequality: In business, women are all too often stereotyped as being unassertive and not able to say no. On the other end of the scale, plenty of women are also happy to say no and do it bluntly and too often. I would […]

Promoting Gender Diversity in World Oil & Gas 2018

We are very pleased and proud to present and support the Promoting Gender Diversity in World Oil & Gas 2018 hosted by the Global Women Petroleum & Energy Club in London. During the event we have heard a number of inspiring personal stories, perspectives on the topic, and discussed examples of what companies are doing […]

Increase Your Resilience – Change Your Highlight Reel

Tom Blower a member of the Black Isle Group posted this article on Resilience on Wednesday 28 February 2018 Superbowl’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ discusses failure It was interesting listening to Nick Foles talk about failure earlier this month. He is the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, who had just won American Football’s Superbowl. Foles had just […]

Murray Fox, Head of Mid and Downstream, will be chairing a panel discussion at this year’s Promoting Gender Diversity in World Oil & Gas 2018

We are pleased to announce that Murray Fox, Head of Mid and Downstream, will be chairing a panel discussion at this year’s Promoting Gender Diversity in World Oil & Gas 2018. The panel discussion, Braking Boundaries – Personal Journeys, will take place on 20th February at The Waldorf Hilton Hotel in London. This event is […]

Unconscious Bias – The Survival Mechanism

Interesting perspective posted by Jasmine Gartner on Black Isle Group’s website: I am a hopeless optimist. It’s one of the reasons I love delivering training on unconscious bias: it’s truly one area in life where if a majority of people made a few small changes to address it, the positive repercussions would be significant. Unconscious bias, simply […]

Engagement in the game changing workplace

An interesting insights article from our partners Black Isle Group. Posted by Sarah Sweetman on Monday 5 February 2018 The workplace is affecting engagement in a multitude of ways. Increasing automation and technology is hijacking the agenda and diverting attention away from the fundamental needs of human beings. This, in turn, generates a proliferation of information and data at […]

The Quiet Networker

Posted by Keith Fowler (Insights from Black Isle Group) on Wednesday 31 January 2018 One of the credos for business success that you will often hear is: network, network, network. For an extrovert, this advice is welcome – extroverts are naturally good at walking into a room, assessing the mood and shaking hands with as many potential […]

Is the CEO doomed?

Posted by Tom Blower (Insights from Black Isle Group) on Wednesday 24 January 2018 Is the CEO doomed? Recent research shows there are two main challenges that organisations face. Changing their organisational design and coping with uncertainty. As technology and globalisation have a profound impact on the nature of work, organisations need to find new […]