Associates Assemble!

Senior Associate Will McAlpine shares his first impressions on joining the CSP Research Team  I’m no stranger to making decisions in my career that result in a change not only of role but also lifestyle, home and continent.

Growing up, I’ve been fortunate to have followed my dad’s chemical engineer career which took in such cosmopolitan locales such as South West Wales, The Hague, Hampshire and Sussex. I have lived and worked in London, Dubai, and the West Country before returning to London again since leaving University in 2003.

Having cut my teeth in search in the sunny and tax free climes of Dubai during the boom years starting effectively as a graduate researcher, I had, up until a few years ago, steadfastly maintained a generalist stance to give me the full exposure to a variety of industries and roles and to appreciate global industry in the wider context. Since then, I’ve operated as a Senior Associate in a variety of firms and I’ve gradually been focussing my attention on the areas of major industry that are the foundations on which the rest is built.

For this reason I was pleased to be given the opportunity to join Cripps Sears & Partners, a very well established search firm, well-known in the market place and very highly regarded in natural resources. Additionally, there was a clear focus on offering a high standard of service to their clients with a strong emphasis on strong market knowledge. #

I’m still in the early stages of my tenure at the firm but can say I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen so far. A close-knit team working in a challenging economic environment but still seeing a strong demand for our services based on the points highlighted above and the talent within the organisation looking to deliver the desired end result via a high quality driven service.

As a Senior Associate, part of my role is to develop the talent pool, and I’d strongly recommend ambitious researchers think seriously about Cripps Sears as a venue to further develop both their industry knowledge and their core skills within Executive Search.

As well as professional development, Cripps Sears also gives its people (and other volunteers), the opportunity to participate in events such as our ABC Challenge South Africa Bike for Burns/Trek for Trauma: www.abc-challenge.com.