At Cripps Sears we are serious about doing business in a responsible and sustainable way.

It’s what our clients want and it’s what is expected of us from our own team. It’s not something we aspire to: for us it’s a strategic imperative.

Cripps Sears is committed to minimising the adverse impact our business has on the environment. As a company, we are working together with Carbon Footprint Ltd to rebalance those carbon emissions that we cannot avoid in the course of running our business.

We also promote sustainable practices internally, encouraging all members of staff to take direct action and personal responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment.


ABC – Action for Burns and Children

ABC is an organisation dedicated to the prevention of burn and scald injuries to children through basic fire prevention education in the home and the rehabilitation of seriously burned children worldwide.

ABC was founded in 2008 by Cripps Sears in celebration of the firm’s 35th birthday. ABC’s aim is to help children whose lives have been adversely affected through injury to themselves or through an injury to someone on whom they are dependent. Its particular focus is in the townships in and around Cape Town, South Africa.

This aim lies at the heart of our long-standing concern for the devastating problem of child burn injuries around the world.

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