ABC and Phoenix Flyers Charity Challenge 2016 Blog – Day 3

Day 3: 8th November, 2016

BIKE: Mossel Bay to Albertinia – 75km

‘We cycle back up into the hills and have to ford another river to reach our destination but we are getting accustomed to this by now. The mountain range looms in the background but thankfully our route is in the foothills. The Historical Albertinia Hotel serves up traditional fare in 7 courses: certainly well-earned and much needed, especially with what is in store for tomorrow…!

With perfect cycling weather on our side, overcast and mild, the group headed off from the Riviera hotel in Mossel bay at 8am this morning. Our 75km of undulating hills and climbs were highlighted with a great full group ride, a spectacular dismount from Michael, two token punctures and a not so graceful dismount to conclude the day from myself. All in all after cycling double the altitude of yesterday and experiencing a lion accompanied cycle through the game park, we are all in great spirits.’

Katie Shaw-Brown, Woodside, Biker



HIKE: Mossel Bay to Albertinia – 75km

Below the lighthouse is a large cave where the trail starts, after which we hike through 13,5km of scenic coastline with fascinating plant life and rock formations.The rugged appearance of the coastline is the result of a turbulent geological past. The consequent variety of rock and soil types which the trail traverses is reflected in the plant cover. In spring the diversity of veld flowers here makes a colourful sight.