ABC and Phoenix Flyers Charity Challenge 2016 Blog – Day 2

Day 2: 7th November, 2016

HIKE: Walk over the Montagu Pass to George – 16km

‘We began our hike with a gentle walk up to “Amanda’s Grave” the top of the Outeniqua mountains with fantastic views across the coastal belt with George in the foreground. The walk down the other side is quite dramatic and the road intersects the railway line and passes under some arched bridges. There are numerous little waterfalls and the vegetation is indigenous forest. The historic bridge at the bottom is a national monument as is the whole pass, which is said to be haunted by a man in a black suit.

Our first day was one of numbers! 25,000 steps, 5 and a half hours hiking, 39 flights of stairs (according to the iPhone health app) and 1 bad fall. Bennet, our tour guide promised to ease us in with a chilled day for the more apprehensive amongst us. 5 hours later we wondered what his idea of full throttle might be for us on the 4th or 5th day. *cry face*. This really is a hard slog and I am now so glad I did my hill training. The Outeniqua Mountains were beautiful but really challenging. I took a terrible fall on the way down and bruised my foot but managed to hobble along for the next 2 and a half hours hopefully not causing too much inconvenience to my team mates I hope. The sense of comradery is incredible and honestly one of the best parts of this trip. The other highlight for me is the incredible scenery. Everywhere you look is a picture perfect view. You wonder if the locals become complaisant and take it for granted but everyone I have asked has said they know how lucky they are you live in these surroundings. That was day one, I’m sure even more adventure lie ahead. We can’t wait to see what else South Africa has in store.’

Maria Klatsa, Cripps Sears, Hiker



BIKE: George to Mossel Bay – 73km

‘We begin our cycle with a gentle climb up to the top of the Outeniqua Mountains with fantastic views across the coastal belt with George in the foreground. There is then an exhilarating 7km descent down the Montagu Pass past Blanco to Groot Brak for lunch followed by a ride through the gorge and hopefully an elephant or rhino to be seen. Overnight at hotel chalets in Hartenbos near Mossel Bay.

Day 2 began with the kind of breakfast (eggs, bacon, bread and fruit) that made me feel ready to take on the world.

Full of the resultant energy and enthusiasm, I began vigorously pumping up my tyres, so much that one of them exploded in my face with an ear splitting bang, covering me and my surroundings with sticky tyre sealant.

Fortunately Steve, Sele and Pedro from day trippers are like a formula 1 pit crew and minutes later we were on the road.

And the road was long, with many a winding turn, the occasional brutal climb, lots of gravel and bumps and some springboks.

We have an impressive group of cyclists from the UK, France, Australa, New Zealand and Brazil, and we have an actual lion and a tyrannosaurus to help us keep strong. I mostly tried to keep up with Peter the rowing champion who climbs hills like a mountain goat. I didn’t always succeed.

Day 2 was an ‘easy’ 65 kilometres, and despite a few more tyre blow outs and some broken spokes, everyone made it to the Riviera hotel in reasonable shape.

Some sunburn, a few aches and pains, but looking forward to tomorrow and the game reserve.’

Andy Jenkins, Cripps Sears, Biker