ABC Challenge 2011: International Rugby Star Launches Challenge

Cripps Sears & Partners sponsors the launch party of the ‘Challenge’ which seeks to raise funds for badly burned children in South Africa.An impressive number of eager potential bikers and hikers participants congregated at London’s the Firestation Bar and Restaurant Tuesday 7th June to witness James Haskell, international rugby star, launch the ABC (Action for Burns and Children) Hike and Bike Challenge South Africa 2011 to support the badly burned children.

The Challenge – 21st 31st October 2011

Intrepid Bikers will travel the challenging 400 kilometre route from Tsitsikamma to Cape Town via South Africa’s Garden Route (“Biking for Burns”) and the hikers will trek 85 kilometres up in the famous Cederberg mountain range (“Trekking for Trauma”).

Both teams will converge in Cape Town for a grand finale fundraising dinner.

Carolyn Cripps OBE, who leads the activities of the fund, expressed her extreme gratitude to James Haskell for his support and for taking time out to launch the 2011 Challenge. “We are over the moon to have James here to launch our campaign. His commitment to rigorous training and outstanding performances on the field for England, London Wasps and recently Stade Francais means he’s an excellent role model for this year’s hikers and bikers.”

James, who will be cheering on the hikers and bikers from New Zealand where he will be doing his best to catapult England to another Rugby World Cup victory, expressed real admiration for those undertaking the challenge.

“There will be lots of laughs, perhaps even a few tears. It will be tough, it will be hard but by the time you reach Cape Town you will have made a difference to so many young people who without your direct help would suffer hugely.

“For my part, I will do my level best with the England Rugby team out in New Zealand to make this a joyous occasion for you when you reach Cape Town, by winning the World Cup (!) and thereby allowing you a couple of celebratory ‘Castles’ with your SA mates! Now the very thought of that prospect alone should get you through the 10 days in double quick time!!!” said James.


Join us? Why not join us – choose from hiking or biking – for what will be a fantastic experience and raise funds with us to help child burns victims in South Africa? Have a look at the ABC website www.abc2011challenge.com for more information. Not joining us, sponsor us! Whether as an individual or on behalf of your company, please consider sponsoring the hike/bike challenge team and make a real difference to the lives and futures of these children. You can help us help them. Corporate Sponsorship opportunities. For information about Corporate Sponsorship opportunities, please contact Laura Gaze (lgaze@crippssears.com or 0207 440 8999).
ABC is the vehicle used by CS&P to raise funds on behalf of The Phoenix Burns Project in South Africa. The Phoenix Burns Project works to reduce the long-term suffering of badly burned or scalded children through accidental fires and other burns and scalds due to unsafe paraffin stoves, candles and hot water which are all too common for children in the impoverished townships of South Africa